Hall of the ancestors

After walking up the staircase of honour, you enter the first room of the Museum which, in the residence of the Miniscalchi-Erizzo counts, corresponded to the room used as an antechamber. Still present is the original window closed by two stained glass windows with leaded tiles on which the coats of arms of the Miniscalchi and Erizzo families are painted in alternating succession.

In the room now called the room of the ancestors, five canvases by the Veronese painter Michelangelo Prunati (Verona, c. 1690-1756) depicting some members of the Miniscalchi family are exhibited. Of great value is the painting on wood by Francesco and Giacomo Francia (early 16th century) entitled Madonna with child and Young St. John.

The precious objects in ivory and bone, dated between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. come from the collections of Ludovico Moscardo.

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