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The historical library of the Museum was set up in this room in the second half of the nineteenth century when the environment was renovated, decorated and set up to house the family books.

The original furnishings of the room include four walnut wood bookcases with open cabinets, the large walnut wood table, the chairs with backs and crosspieces in carved walnut wood with decorative olive wood dowels (Lombardy, before mid-17th century) and two high chairs with armrests, backrest and crossbar in carved walnut wood with olive briar inlays (Verona, first half of the 17th century).

The historical library of the Museum includes various works of a general nature, such as the Livorno edition of the Encyclopédie by Diderot and D'Alambert, with a clear prevalence of Italian, Latin and Greek classics, works of history and geography, the latter attributable to the scientific interests of Francesco Miniscalchi-Erizzo, to whom are also assigned the numerous texts of oriental languages, of which he was an expert and which represent the most original and complete section of the library.

In today's museum arrangement, some large painted majolica vases of Renaissance inspiration, dating from the last quarter of the nineteenth century, from villa Pullè in Chievo (Verona) have been placed above the bookcases.