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The collection of paintings originally intended to embellish the walls of the apartment of the Miniscalchi-Erizzo counts consisted of works, different for genres and styles, mainly seventeenth-eighteenth century and referable to the Lombard-Venetian area. To this nucleus belong, among others, the five paintings on canvas portraying some members of the Miniscalchi family, the large canvas depicting Nicolò I Erizzo (1655-1709) with his children, the work of Sebastiano Bombelli and also the imposing portrait of Nicolò Erizzo (1722-1806) executed by Alessandro Longhi in 1767, to commemorate the appointment of Nicolò as "Procurator of San Marco".

Over the years, the Museum's collection of paintings has increased as a result of donations and recent acquisitions, such as the Madonna and Child with Young Saint John, a precious panel created by Francesco and Giacomo Francia.