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Archaeological collection

The collection, consisting mainly of Etruscan-italic, paleo-Venetian and Roman bronzes, and excavated glass and terracotta for domestic use, comes from the home museum of Ludovico Moscardo. The eclectic character of the collection reflects the spirit of the Veronese collector, whose main interest was to acquire and document the most significant evidence of the many aspects of ancient civilizations.

Among the proto-historical materials, the bronze spit, found in the locality of Ca 'dei Cavri (Vr), stands out for its importance and rarity, with a Rhaetian inscription engraved on one side. In the 1672 edition of the Museum catalogue, Moscardo gives news of this finding by describing the spit as [...] a broken sword with a quadrangular shape of beautiful, and very fine Bronze, which imitates the purity of gold, without Elzi, with some engraved Danic, or Gothic characters […].